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We are a group of Saudi researchers, who are passionate about creative thought and developmentā€¦ We created 3Dit to be our hub of exploration and our gateway to the world of technology, science and artā€¦

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Quality Products

Our solutions will give our clients opportunities to: Decrease material waste Eliminate of tooling Offer flexibility in design and manufacturing Cut costs, to help you become more effective and efficient Deliver on personalization according to patients or users selective style


To be the central gateway of 3D Printing technology development, through contentious exploration and offering beneficiaries with comprehensive services from our four areas of focus ; 3Dit Machinery, 3Dit Jewelry, 3Dit Medical, 3Dit Engineering and Art.


We play vital roles in the development and beautification of 3D Printing technology, while building upon our daily challenges through providing genuine services in four aspects: 3Dit Machinery, 3Dit Jewelry, 3Dit Medical & 3Dit Engineering & Art

Meet Our Professional Team

Dr.Ahmad Basalah
CTO & Member of the Board of Directors
Hussain Asghar, MSc
Project Manager
Ibtisam Khaled Aidrous
Abin Mathew
Dr.Wesam Alsabban
Chairman of Board of Directors
Eng.Wesam Bahakeem
Operation Engineer

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The choice of the right 3D printing technology for depends on the projected size and number of the models. Reach out to learn more about how to open new possibilities to scale your business.

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