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-Rapid prototyping is the first step in the innovation system and is an effective and essential tool in advancing the institutional development of entities and bodies. Therefore, we work in 3Dit with government agencies and the private sector to develop prototypes for the innovations of its employees.

-Using rapid molding processes, we work in 3Dit to produce parts to be produced in large quantities and in record time, as we provide our customers with the service of designing the part to be produced and then making molds for it up to the quantitative production of the parts.

 -Using reverse engineering techniques, 3Dit can serve different industries with obsolete spare parts in a short time and at competitive prices.

-Every occasion has a gift that suits it, so we at 3Dit are working to provide customized gifts for senior officials and official delegations where 3D printing has its mark in its production, in addition to antiques that mimic our past and that we can reproduce with our modern technologies.

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