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P-filament 721 white

The polypropylene filament ‘P-filament 721 orange’ offers excellent 3D printing performance with low warpage and shrinkage combined with extremely high layer adhesion. ‘P-filament 721’ is available in two diameters and printable on nearly every 3D-printer

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P-support 279 natural

‘P-support 279’ is the world’s first breakaway support material specially developed for polypropylene, which allows the extrusion-based 3D printing of even more detailed and complex structures with bridging, overhangs and openings ‘P-support 279‘ s available in two diameters of 1.75 mm and 2.85 mm and printable on nearly all 3D printers

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PPprint starter kit

The ‘PPprint Starter Kit’ consists of a 600g spool ‘P-filament 721’ with a filament diameter of 1.75 mm or 2.85 mm, a print bed surface ‘P-surface 141’ of a size of 200 mm x 230 mm, a double-sided adhesive film ‘P-adhesive 220’ of a size of 200 mm x 230 mm and the ‘P-roller 621’ to place and fix the print bed surface.

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