IMT Types

The most powerful and reliable melting units. With the IMT series, Schultheiss offers powerful, highly reliable, and economic open casting and melting tables. The design is made to ensure absolute ease of use. The manufacturing is based on high-quality, long-lasting components. The IMT medium-frequency generators feature a very strong mixing effect and fast heating. The same generators have proven themselves well in thousands of VPC casting machines.
Simple-to-use controls allow accurate temperature regulation. They include an audio signal when the set temperature is reached and a timer for mixing the material at its set temperature. The vacuum chamber for open casting can be connected on the right side of the IMT. This vacuum chamber is offered with an automatic flask lift for easy handling of the flask. Whether used for open casting of brass, for ingot melting, or graining – the IMT series will impress you with its ease of operation, its reliability, and its safety.



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