The medical industry is unique in the aspect that almost all services are customised for each patient.  However, this means that treatments can be very expensive and are often limited to what each doctor or hospital has available.  3D printing means that pieces can be created quickly, affordably, and are unique to the needs of every patient.

Orthotic Devices

We at 3Dit Medical provides an innovative 3D printing medical solutions through a customized products satisfying the patients needs by using and developing bio-compatible materials under supervision of medical industry experts. Our first product launched in the market two years ago is the Scoliosis Brace. This brace used to not just holding the spine from degradation, but it used to correct the spine for the patients who suffered from the scoliosis. Now, 3Dit is the first company in the MENA region that provides this service for the patients.

Scoliosis Brace

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Pre-surgical Planning model

The Pre-surgical planning is the preoperative method of pre-visualising a surgical intervention, in order to predefine the surgical steps and furthermore the bone segment navigation in the context of computer-assisted dissections of the body through the MRI data and extract the model and then 3D printed. We are at 3Dit serving the medical industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with the pre-surgical planning 3D printed model.

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3D printing has a unique place in the orthodontic sector.  No longer does your dentist have to make a disgusting and uncomfortable mould of your mouth (that he has to keep in a closet).  3dit can allow dentists to create digital blueprints of dental moulds, models, and even dental appliances like retainers.

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Implants is a growing sector that is employing the use of 3D technology.  Implants can be difficult as they need to be made of materials that will not be rejected by the body, but also must be customised for the unique shape of each patient.  This can exponentially expensive and therefore restrictive to those patients who don’t have high levels of insurance.  3Dit can assist by making trial implants in a variety of materials, and provide quick and inexpensive prototype services for a variety of medical trials.

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