3D printing is revolutionising modern architecture.  From the simplest standpoint, 3D printing and design can make detailed architectural models in a variety of materials and textures that are immediately ready for painting.  This can make the modelling process much shorter and more economical.  The finished models are not only more durable, they will allow your clients to better visualise the final product.

Using 3D printing in architecture goes far beyond the scale models.  Some architects are creating elaborate builds and full rooms!  Pieces are printed and then snapped together on site.  Wherever your architectural vision takes you, 3dit can help that creation come to fruition.



3D printing has changed the fashion industry.  Technology is melding with fashion to create images and products that were unheard of years ago.  3D printing allows the addition of materials and complex geometry for the creation of original and intricate designs and one-off pieces.

There is hardly a limit to what 3D printing will have the ability to create in the fashion world.  The limits are only the imagination and the ability to wear the creation, but as w
e have commonly seen in the couture industry, the wearability of the garment is third
to its art and beauty.  We urge you to push your creative limits with our services and try your hand at clothing, belts, shoes and accessories.



If you can dream it, 3Dit can assist you in trying to build it.  The beauty of 3D printing and scanning when designing a prototype is the speed and economy in which you can build your model.  Using the traditional CNC machining for parts uses more materials and is far more expensive than using 3D technology.  There is also a bigger expense and waste in mate
rials in machining your prototype. 3D designs are also lighter in weight and make for easier, “snap together” modelling.

3Dit can help you at any stage in your design process.  You can also use our designers if you are unsure where to start, or don’t know exactly how to design your project.  As our services are much less expensive than traditional processes, this means that you can head back to the drawing board as many times as you need until you get it right.