From engine blocks to surfboards to statues, even helicopters and mining equipment; 3D Prototyping can assist in the 3D scanning of your objects. From creating an STL file to be utilised in 3D printing, to full reverse engineering and inspection reports our qualified technical team are here to assist.

With manufactured and engineered components having increasingly more complex geometry, scanning components is the fastest and most accurate way to inspect or convert to CAD/CAM files for replicating/modifying/inspecting or reverse engineering of an original component.

3Dit can offer a cost effective solution for Engineers, manufacturers, researchers, artists, designer & toolmakers to have components scanned or verified at any stage of product development, reducing development and manufacturing lead times.

At 3Dit we utilise the Shining 3D OpticScan QL, blue light optical scanning system coupled with high end SHININGFORM XOR software to convert and inspect the scanned component. Being a non-contact scanning system delicate and intricate components can easily be scanned, with sizes ranging from 10mm to 2000mm. Blue light scanning technology allows for the scanning of darker objects, shiny surfaces, and during daylight.


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